The KEY to attracting your Soulmate

People often ask me what they can do to speed things up and attract their soulmate faster. My first answer is, there’s a strong divine timing around these matters. Just like the development of an embryo into a

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baby, many factors have to come together in order for two souls to join in a Soulmate situation. When I say Soulmate here, I am talking about a romantic life partner. Yes we do have more than one, we have many soulmates, and not all are meant for a romantic connection with us. A friend once told me that she thought her dog was her soulmate. Now that I have my own I couldn’t agree more. However, within the sea of soulmates, a handful qualify to be our romantic counterpart. Once we have attracted a soulmate and solidified a healthy committed relationship with that person, now we become twin flames. You may have heard that term before or not. Twin flame is thrown out a lot and in very contradictory ways. As I asked my guide about the concept of twin flames, I received a lot of different information and experiences over the years. Deep within you is what you could call an etheric flame of pure light. It represents the best of you, the core of your love. When you enter a full, solid, soulmate relationship, your “flame” (a.k.a soul, spirit, heart, light) shines at its best and illumines not only your life but those of others. You do this best when supported by your equal counterpart, your soulmate. So twin flames are what you become together.

Now back to the task of how to speed up attracting your soulmate. While I mentioned much of the timing is up to the divine universe, which is in the midst of an intricate work behind the scenes to prepare and bring you two together, there is one thing you can and should do to help move it along. And in my experience this can speed up the finding of your soulmate. You have to make “the list”.

I learned about “the list” first from personal experience, and then I read about it in a book. Either way of learning is fine, although when you learn from experience it sinks in just that much deeper. Since making my list, I have met others who have made this list and many have succeeded in attracting their soulmates, some are still waiting with  positive anticipation as they trust the divine timing, knowing it’s inevitable.

My journey towards making my list began with a bang. That bang was the arrival of a new love interest in my email inbox. He had seen a picture of me on a social media website online -I know it must happen to everyone :), and began a flirtation. I ignored him at first, though he was plenty cute. It may have creeped me out a bit (red flag number 1), but he proceeded to write me more and more about himself and insist that we chat, talk on the phone, or Skype. Days of this continued and I, in my single status, thought what the heck and I gave it a shot. we spoke then we skyped. And there was a connection. I couldn’t deny it. Now let me interrupt by saying that up until this time, the sole item on my soulmate list was a spark, a strong connection. That is good but oh so insufficient! So as the weeks went by and (we’ll call him Mr. Y ), Mr. Y continued to pursue me with daily emails chats and skype, I began to open up to the idea of meeting him. Oh may I say he lived out of state, quite far from me, in a beautiful tourist friendly city that I’d always wanted to visit. He couldn’t travel much due to his rigorous work schedule so we decided that my adventurous self would come out from hiding and take a two week trip to see him, to see what there might be between us in person. I was getting ahead of myself because I really didn’t know him, but I wanted my Soulmate in my life so bad that I was nearly convinced this was it. Two days after i arrived in Mr. Y’s city, I began to notice one negative trait after another emerge from him. Not to say there weren’t the good things, but the negative traits were glaringly obvious. Over the course of the two weeks, we had become very distant, I was nearly regretting my entire trip (but for the beautiful scenery), and had created a list of qualities that I must experience in someone, and another list of qualities that I could not tolerate in a relationship. All thanks to Mr. Y. I now can thank him for being my teacher in writing my list from a very visceral place! Oh and I also reframed him as my “tour guide” to the beautiful city of Istanbul!

So, upon returning to my home, I discovered a book that detailed this very process I had just been through. The book is called Date or Soulmate, and is an excellent guide in not only writing a stellar list, but also in knowing whether someone is NOT your soulmate within the first two dates so no time is wasted. I must warn there is a bit of religious jargon in there as the book was written by the creator of E Harmony, but if you can just ignore that if it bothers you, the book is extremely insightful and worth a read.

Ariel Ford also details in her book The Soulmate Secret about making this list. Everyone describes it a bit differently but the basic premise is up to 10 things that you MUST have in your relationship, and up to 10 things you absolutely can’t tolerate. For example, for me a must have item is honesty. Trust is dependent on honesty. An intolerable on my list is drug addiction. I like to live a clean healthy lifestyle. Also it doesn’t have to be so generic, for one person their must have might be ‘must love to adopt a child’, and a can’t stand or intolerable quality might be ‘must not be a bad dancer’ . You get my jest.

The more fun you make these kind of manifestation processes, I believe the better results they yield. Setting a time and place where you feel comfortable, cozy, magical, writing with nice pens and markers, writing on good paper/stationary, perhaps burning a love candle during, and either placing the completed list on your alter, or some people believe burning it speeds up the process of drawing their Soulmate. Since I live in an apartment with a very sensitive smoke detector I have chosen not to burn mine.  But to each their own.

Once your love list is done, release your desire with a deep exhale, into the hands of the universe, and know that your guides and angels are working relentlessly to bring the two of you together one sweet day, not too far away.

Here’s to you, and finding your true love.


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