Predictions vs. Prophecies

I’ve been watching Long Island Medium as a nightly treat after I’m done with work. And my new nick-

LIMname could be waterworks. I can’t stop crying during each episode, as Theresa the amazing wonderwoman (and isn’t she just adorable?) gives people moving messages from their loved ones on the other side.

People sometimes ask me, what does that exactly mean “the other side”, the other side of what? My answer to that question is, the other side of the veil. From what I have learned and also seen myself, there is an etheric veil that separates our physical reality, from the very real but invisible spiritual plane where we exist before, after, and in between earthly lifetimes. Angels and Spiritual beings also exists there as well. Of course when I say invisible I mean invisible to our physical eyes, because some can use the third eye, or clairvoyant vision, to see into the spiritual realm on the other side of the veil. Theresa the Long Island Medium said in one episode that she doesn’t see people’s loved ones, but rather feels them, senses them. I do at times see people’s loved ones who have passed to the other side when I am tuning into someone during a reading, but as I have shared in previous posts, it is a different kind of “seeing”, more like seeing a thin image of the person rather than an opaque three dimensional person (it’s sort of like how you would see someone in your mind’s eye if you daydream).

So back to my original point, because I’ve been watching the show regularly, it got me thinking about my own readings. I’ve been doing a lot more mediumship work as of late, and I have to say it’s a very satisfying branch of readings. When I tell a client something that I’m seeing or sensing from their loved one, and the message resonates with them and thus enables them to feel their loved one’s presence, I want to say it is a priceless moment of fulfillment for me as the medium/reader. I got to thinking about readings in general though, and how it’s not always as easy for people to connect with or believe the prediction aspect of a reading, the way they might believe a personal message from a loved one on the other side. The reason for this is, predictions that come in the course of a reading are future oriented, and the future by definition hasn’t happened yet, so such information is harder to connect with than a detail from the past that a medium might pick up from a loved one on the other side.

Then I also got to thinking about the difference that I see between a prediction that comes in a reading and a prophecy. The way I have come to understand it, a prophecy is often an involuntary prediction (where the client did not ask for a prediction about a topic but it comes on its own during a reading). Sometimes I am nudged by spirit to give a prophecy to a person who isn’t even a client, but someone I know or even a stranger who is sitting or standing near me wherever I happen to be. Following this kind of nudge and actually speaking the prophecy to the person has never gotten a negative response thankfully, so I believe spirit only gives me the urge to say something like that if the person on the receiving end is open to it. Another definition I have for a prophecy is something that is predestined on a person’s path, such as an encounter or relationship with a specific person (also known as a soul contract), or a major life event, or even a specific calling or line of work. A prophecy, unlike a prediction, is not really a matter of choice. This is because a prophecy addresses something tht is part of the divine plan designed by our soul/higher self and spiritual team, and thus our human personality or free will cannot “screw it up” or interfere with it. I find prophecies to be more reliable and powerful than the typical psychic prediction. As a reader, I also experience a much greater power and force behind my words when I give a prophecy, there’s a stronger conviction and feeling of urgency that I experience. In contrast, with the usual “predictions” that are given in a reading, there is still a lot of human free will and choice that can affect whether the probable prediction actually manifests.  I tell my clients a prediction is like a weather report, it is a very likely forecast of the future, but things can change based on the choices and will of the people involved. Does this mean predictions that are given in a reading are pointless or that we should never ask about the outcome of a particular situation? I say no, because it’s nice to get a forecast, and know what is the more likely possibility that is going to occur. I mean, if you hear on the news that there’s a 70% chance of rain, won’t you be happy to have your umbrella with you, regardless of whether it actually rains that day? Any insight that can help us achieve peace, or better equip us to manifest our desires and dreams is useful. I also advise clients to see predictions as an “xray” of what they have set up for their future, and to use manifestation tools such as prayer, creative visualization and afformations to try and change the predicted outcome if it’s not what they really want to happen.

In conclusion, prophecies are not better than predictions, both are part of our lives and both have their place in a reading. I was just pondering the difference and felt like sharing my train of of thought on here. By the way, if you were wondering, I did do the clean cleanse successfully, but my sweet tooth got the best of me afterwards and I was not able to stay sugar free. Oh well, I am going to try the whole30 plan next, where you eat only whole foods (and no sugar) for thirty days. Not sure if I have a sugar addiction, or if I just have a passion for sweets. I noticed Theresa also seems to have a sweet tooth, did you see the episode where she got into a hilarious little tiff with her son and husband because they were hackling her about eating an ice cream sundae? Maybe liking sweets is connected to being a reader, hmmm….