Login to your Spirit

When I think about the topic of spirituality, the single most important thing I have learned over the years is to cultivate a close intimate relationship with my Source. What exactly does that mean? I believe we all come from a spiritual source, and are born into this earthly human experience with our connection and awareness of our Source intact. That’s the reason babies are so blissfully happy. But over time, we experience many things that can gradually disconnect us from this natural connection, such as emotional and physical trauma, developing our rational left brain far more than our intuitive side, and the various distractions of daily survival.

One side effect of disconnection from our source is a dimming of our joy, happiness, and peace, and a lost awareness of the spirit realm. The good news is, we can re-0pen this connection just by our intention and some daily practice. I like to say that our daily effort to reconnect with our source is like logging into Facebook or chat: doing so opens the lines of communication with friends and gives us an awareness of their presence, even when we can’t see them with our physical eyes. Similarly, we can login to our spirit source and thereby enable interaction and communication to occur.

The “how” of logging into Source can vary for each person, and I believe the best method for each individual is found through exploration and perhaps some trial and error. For example, certain people prefer meditation, some prefer journaling or “morning pages”, and others find that channel of inner awareness and communication with a higher divine source opens through physical exercise.

I myself have a handful of methods that work for me and I alternate between them depending on how I feel each day. Some days I pray, some days I read spiritual books, and other days I journal. I am a big fan of “morning pages”, taught in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I also love to listen to guided meditations on my ipod while I sleep or read.


There are also times when a life event or unexpected circumstance can suddenly tune us into our source, where we have a mystical awareness that we are never alone, always accompanied, loved, and guided by a higher force, who is actually our own wiser Self. For me, my first time in Hawaii, immersed in the beauty of nature, really did the trick. For most people, newly falling in love brings on an ecstatic high, automatically connecting them with the divine. For artists, creative expression is a ladder to Source.

The point of reconnecting with our divine nature is to reduce or rid us of fear, which is the main thing that disempowers us in life, and instead re-unite with an unlimited source of love, guidance, and protection.  Thus, cultivating our relationship with our source plugs us in our own power center, which is essential to living a happy well-rounded and successful life in which we feel truly fulfilled.

So try taking a few minutes each day to do the things that connect you with your source. Converse with your Higher Self the way you’d check in multiple times a day with a beloved or best friend about any concern or need, and see how your life improves and expands!

Now you:

I would love to hear your comments about your favorite method of “logging in” to your source 🙂