Hearing the Angels

A question that I often get asked by clients is, “how did you first discover your spiritual gifts?”. This always brings me to my earliest memory of having an Angel encounter, when I was 8 years old. At the time I was living in a country that happened to be in the midst of a war, and nightly bombings near my neighborhood had become our norm. On this particular evening, I was huddled in the basement of my grandmother’s house with my father, younger sister, and extended family including my paternal grandparents and several uncles. We had crammed into the “safest” part of the house after hearing bomb sirens go off, and I could see the fear on the faces around me. Everyone was wondering the same thing, will we be one of the unlucky homes that get bombed tonight? Just as I started to feel panic swelling inside my chest, I suddenly felt a warm presence next to me, which I instinctively recognized as an Angelic being. With what I now know is my clairvoyant sight, I saw a faint yellow glowing light next to me, and heard a voice tell me something like “you are going to be okay, don’t worry. You are going to be safe from the bombs, and you are going to return to America safe and sound with your family.” At that moment I felt a deep peace wash over me, and as the months passed I saw the Angel’s prophecy come true in an amazing way. Perhaps that early experience allowed me to keep my intuitive channels open, and years later I was able to access them as a reader to give others’  messages from their angels in times of uncertainty and anguish to similarly comfort and guide them.

I believe we all have intuitive abilities and gifts. Like any ability, we can further develop our spiritual gifts, and we can also shut them down due to fear or negative experiences. For whatever reason, some of us have more access and some have less access to these seemingly unusual senses, but we all have them, just like we all are born with our five physical senses. As I have come to learn, our intuitive gifts express through five channels; there’s the gift of “sight”, or what is called clairvoyance. With this gift we can see into the spiritual realm, see beings such as Angels or departed loved ones, and receive visions of the future, also known as prophecies. When I see into the spiritual realm using this gift, it is not exactly the same as looking at a physical person or object, it’s more like what you see when you dream, there’s a transparency to the images, and the images can be larger or smaller than their actual size. To take the “woo woo” factor out of clairvoyance, if you have ever daydreamed, seeing scenes or that guy you’re crushing on in your mind’s eye, then you have had a similar experience to seeing clairvoyantly.

Another often used intuitive channel is that of clairaudience, with which we can hear Angels or otherworldly beings or even the voice of our higher self guiding us or giving us messages. This is what Joan of Arc experienced when she heard the ‘voices’ speaking to her. Once again, experiencing clairaudience isn’t always like hearing a live human voice. Often it feels like a loud thought that is clearly not our own . We know our own voice, our own way of speech etc. It’s quite obvious when a voice different than our own speaks. One reason I believe that our Angels, guides, and such do not speak in a more “audible” human voice is that would truly frighten and startle most people. Instead they put their voice into our mind to make it a more gentle experience.

The 3rd extrasensory channel, or “clair”, is called clairsentience, with which we can “feel” intuitive impressions or pick up others’ feelings and sensations. Sometimes we can even smell scents that are meaningful with this ability, such as orange blossoms signifying a wedding, the perfume or cologne of a loved one who is not with us, or the wonderful scent of angels. Yes the movie “Michael” wasn’t too far off, in it the angel played by John Travolta smelled like freshly baked cookies 🙂 In my experience, angels can smell like fresh spring blossoms, a truly heavenly scent!

These three are the “top 3”, there are two other clairs which I don’t really experience myself so I won’t write much about them, but they are called Claircognizance, and Clairgustance. Claircognizance is the ability to know a real fact, without having ever learned it. Clairgustance, which I only recently learned about, means to taste something without actually having the physical substance or liquid. Hmm perhaps I am experiencing clairgustance when I get insomnia some nights and lie in bed tasting chocolate eclairs and almond milk?

As time goes on, perhaps more clairs will be discovered. One last ability that we all have but which isn’t one of the ‘clairs’, is that of telepathy, the ability to communicate with others without using words or body language. Most of us have experienced this at one time or another with a spouse or family member, where we seem to read each other’s minds. Now if only we could do it at will!

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