The Saaqi and I:


I am a Spiritual guide, writer/blogger, and 3rd generation intuitive, tarot master, and soulmate expert. I was named at birth after the Saaqi, a being who is revered in the East as a Spiritual muse to poets and seekers alike. She is responsible for dispensing inspiration and wisdom to those who call on her. I used to think this was all the stuff of myth, but as I got older and honed my intuitive gifts, I began to have mystical and clairvoyant experiences and realized that angels and spirit beings, including the Saaqi, were as real as we are, existing on a higher plane.

Since then, I have been writing about these experiences, as well as giving professional readings to people from all walks of life, for the last two decades. I have also accurately predicted collective events such as the results to the last several presidential elections. I have been featured on the radio, and read for celebrities and members of world royalty.

My clients say that my readings are insightful, inspiring, and fun! I can look into your specific areas of concern, or do an overall general reading of your life. I look forward to sharing my gift with you!


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