As I was searching for a title to this spiritual blog, I had to contemplate the role of spirituality in my own life, and in life at large. I have always agreed with the notion that spirituality should not be relegated to a box in the corner of our lives, but that it should run like a thread through every area of our existence, the mundane as well as the extraordinary. For this reason, I chose to name this blog The Golden Thread. I will be sharing about topics that are more overtly spiritual as well as the spirituality I find in everyday experiences and passions, including travel and food! And as always, I welcome your comments and stories.

Predictions vs. Prophecies

Posted on Apr 19, 2014

I’ve been watching Long Island Medium as a nightly treat after I’m done with work. And my new nick-

LIMname could be waterworks. I can’t stop crying during each episode, as Theresa the amazing wonderwoman (and isn’t she just adorable?) gives people moving messages from their loved ones on the other side.

People sometimes ask me, what does that exactly mean “the other side”, the other side of what? My answer to that question is, the other side of the veil. From what I have learned and also seen myself, there is an etheric veil that separates our physical reality, from the very real but invisible spiritual plane where we exist before, after, and in between earthly lifetimes. Angels and Spiritual beings also exists there as well. Of course when I say invisible I mean invisible to our physical eyes, because some can use the third eye, or clairvoyant vision, to see into the spiritual realm on the other side of the veil. Theresa the Long Island Medium said in one episode that she doesn’t see people’s loved ones, but rather feels them, senses them. I do at times see people’s loved ones who have passed to the other side when I am tuning into someone during a reading, but as I have shared in previous posts, it is a different kind of “seeing”, more like seeing a thin image of the person rather than an opaque three dimensional person (it’s sort of like how you would see someone in your mind’s eye if you daydream).

So back to my original point, because I’ve been watching the show regularly, it got me thinking about my own readings. I’ve been doing a lot more mediumship work as of late, and I have to say it’s a very satisfying branch of readings. When I tell a client something that I’m seeing or sensing from their loved one, and the message resonates with them and thus enables them to feel their loved one’s presence, I want to say it is a priceless moment of fulfillment for me as the medium/reader. I got to thinking about readings in general though, and how it’s not always as easy for people to connect with or believe the prediction aspect of a reading, the way they might believe a personal message from a loved one on the other side. The reason for this is, predictions that come in the course of a reading are future oriented, and the future by definition hasn’t happened yet, so such information is harder to connect with than a detail from the past that a medium might pick up from a loved one on the other side.

Then I also got to thinking about the difference that I see between a prediction that comes in a reading and a prophecy. The way I have come to understand it, a prophecy is often an involuntary prediction (where the client did not ask for a prediction about a topic but it comes on its own during a reading). Sometimes I am nudged by spirit to give a prophecy to a person who isn’t even a client, but someone I know or even a stranger who is sitting or standing near me wherever I happen to be. Following this kind of nudge and actually speaking the prophecy to the person has never gotten a negative response thankfully, so I believe spirit only gives me the urge to say something like that if the person on the receiving end is open to it. Another definition I have for a prophecy is something that is predestined on a person’s path, such as an encounter or relationship with a specific person (also known as a soul contract), or a major life event, or even a specific calling or line of work. A prophecy, unlike a prediction, is not really a matter of choice. This is because a prophecy addresses something tht is part of the divine plan designed by our soul/higher self and spiritual team, and thus our human personality or free will cannot “screw it up” or interfere with it. I find prophecies to be more reliable and powerful than the typical psychic prediction. As a reader, I also experience a much greater power and force behind my words when I give a prophecy, there’s a stronger conviction and feeling of urgency that I experience. In contrast, with the usual “predictions” that are given in a reading, there is still a lot of human free will and choice that can affect whether the probable prediction actually manifests.  I tell my clients a prediction is like a weather report, it is a very likely forecast of the future, but things can change based on the choices and will of the people involved. Does this mean predictions that are given in a reading are pointless or that we should never ask about the outcome of a particular situation? I say no, because it’s nice to get a forecast, and know what is the more likely possibility that is going to occur. I mean, if you hear on the news that there’s a 70% chance of rain, won’t you be happy to have your umbrella with you, regardless of whether it actually rains that day? Any insight that can help us achieve peace, or better equip us to manifest our desires and dreams is useful. I also advise clients to see predictions as an “xray” of what they have set up for their future, and to use manifestation tools such as prayer, creative visualization and afformations to try and change the predicted outcome if it’s not what they really want to happen.

In conclusion, prophecies are not better than predictions, both are part of our lives and both have their place in a reading. I was just pondering the difference and felt like sharing my train of of thought on here. By the way, if you were wondering, I did do the clean cleanse successfully, but my sweet tooth got the best of me afterwards and I was not able to stay sugar free. Oh well, I am going to try the whole30 plan next, where you eat only whole foods (and no sugar) for thirty days. Not sure if I have a sugar addiction, or if I just have a passion for sweets. I noticed Theresa also seems to have a sweet tooth, did you see the episode where she got into a hilarious little tiff with her son and husband because they were hackling her about eating an ice cream sundae? Maybe liking sweets is connected to being a reader, hmmm….


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Spring Cleaning From The Inside Out

Posted on Mar 07, 2014



It’s almost Spring, you can feel it and maybe even smell it, depending on where you live. It seemed to me a good time to do a cleanse when I stumbled upon Dr. Junger M.D.‘s book “Clean“, which describes the why what and how of doing the “Clean Cleanse”. I chose this cleanse of all the ones out there because it’s really the way I eat on a super healthy day: a power smoothie for breakfast, something like a salad or veggies with Chicken for lunch, and fresh pressed raw juice for dinner, with a handful of nuts or apple slices smeared in almond butter as a snack in between. I thought I can do this!?! By the way, this is also the cleanse  Gwyneth Paltrow was on after she experienced a series of health issues, and it apparently brought her back to vibrant health status, as she tells it in her book “It’s All Good“.


I know I know, isn’t she like really into living healthy? I was surprised to read that she had any health related mishaps but like yours truly she is a self described foodie who loves to eat, plus the stress and ups and downs of life can affect even the best of them I suppose.   Now back to me doing the Clean cleanse. I liked what Dr. Junger said in his book, that doing this cleanse will also positively enhance the mind and emotions. Who doesn’t want a clear head and peace of mind? A holistic cleanse if you will, and one less drastic than the ones that make you eat clay and apple juice for days on end. I have not eaten clay since I got out of the sandbox I think, and that was play-dough, which smells amazing to me, so uh, I don’t think so.

I decided to begin on March1st, so that I’d be all shiny and new by the first day of Spring. Yep this cleanse is a three week deal, long enough to sweep the liver clean and make the skin glow, according to Dr. Junger. Anyhow, Day 1 went quite well, I didn’t feel one pang of hunger. Day 2 was going similarly well, but then I made the mistake of going over to a friend’s house to watch TV right around dinner-time. As soon as I walked in, I smelled the wonderful smell of freshly delivered Chinese food. And this wasn’t just any old greasy takeout, this was the good stuff. I caved, much to my dismay. Before I knew it my hands seemed to have a mind of their own and I found myself stuffing vegetable fried rice and eggplant with shrimp into my mouth. I realized while this cleanse does not leave you hungry, resistance to temptation might be low on any cleanse. SO I’ve decided to try and stay sequestered in my apartment as much as possible during mealtimes, and avoid all restaurant meetings for the next 21 days…

The day after my Chinese food freakout was better, I had a bag of raw almond in my purse to reach for in case I smelled donuts while I walked down the street. It worked – I didn’t smell any donuts but the sight of M Burger was bad enough. The almonds saved the day. I am looking forward to breaking what I suspect is a slight sugar addiction, and perhaps some compulsive eating brought on by winter blues. I’ll keep you posted via my facebook on any highs and lows and stay tuned for the final outcome of this spring cleaning experiment! Also, if you’ve tried the Clean cleanse or are interested in doing so, I’d love to hear about your experience or any comments.



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All Aboard The Break-Up Train

Posted on Feb 19, 2014


upset cupidNow that Valentine’s Day is over and I no longer fear cupid shooting me in the eye with an arrow gone awry, I thought it safe to write on this topic. It may have been that the Mercury Retrograde that we are in was particularly hard on relationships, or perhaps the full moon energy we just exited had a strong cleansing effect, but in the last couple of weeks I saw several long-term and seemingly promising relationships around me suddenly come to a halt. In addition to a degree of shell shock, such news immediately triggers so many questions. Being a spiritual guide and soulmate expert does not exempt me from these normal human reactions, but I’m always happy to receive and share any insights.

One of the first questions that might come up in people’s minds or conversations is why/how when they seemed so happy! A relationship is like a living organism, made up of the energies of two individuals. So many things have to be considered when trying to determine the strength and quality of a connection. From the outside, something may look wonderful, but there’s usually a crack in the foundation or layers of unresolved conflicts that erupt over time and result in a sudden break, very similar to an earthquake. Another issue to consider is that relationships are first and foremost a classroom for our souls’ growth and evolution. I am a romantic who believes in lasting soulmate love, and I admit my favorite Disney film was always Cinderella. There’s a place for that kind of lasting romance, but we usually have to endure and grow through multiple relationships to get to that mountaintop experience. It’s a similar idea as when we go to school, there are many grades and many exams that must be passed before we can achieve a level of mastery and go on to graduate and benefit from the education permanently.

In our world, it’s tempting to place less value on relationships that have ended than on the ones that last happily ever after (if you’re wondering where those ones are hiding, we’ll go on a blogging scavenger hunt another day :)) I see each relationship as equal, only different, for several reasons. Firstly, love is a component that draws us into relationship, and no matter what else happens, the love that was exchanged in each case is real.  Love is an energy which  cannot be measured in numbers. The nature of love is that it has no beginning and no end, it’s infinite and vast, and perhaps beyond intellectual understanding. Also, if it was not for the stepping stone of each “failed” relationship that teaches us about our needs and wants, would we ever get to the ultimate one?

So another question that I often get asked is, how do you know when it’s truly over? Most of us at one time or another have gotten on the breakup makeup roller-coaster ride before the final ending. So how do we know? I believe the answer is different for each individual, and also for each relationship. But some common signs and signals that I have observed over the course of time as I work with clients are the following:

1. What used to be fun and bond the two of you no longer feels like much fun. Perhaps it even seems like a bit of a drag, or burdensome.

2. The energy and vitality of the connection seems dim, and does not bounce back after a while. This indicates that something is dying and it’s more than a relationship “rough patch”.

3. If it’s a newer relationship, some strong incompatibilities have come to light, and it’s hard to imagine a future or lifetime together.

4. revolving arguments or fights that don’t seem to find resolution occur regularly, or a tension filled silence becomes prevalent. In either case, what has happened is a breaking down of communication.

5. The relationship seems to hinder rather than support the full unfolding and expression of one or both parties. We must remember that our first commitment as human beings is to our own growth and evolution and becoming, and fulfilling our greatest dreams and potential should never be sacrificed.


Finally, some tips for recovering from the sudden shock of your breakup:

Slow down the pace, forget your regular routine, do only what you must as much as possible for a while. You can regroup and make a new plan later when the dust has settled and life feels more solid and safe.

Reach out and enjoy your friends and family more than ever, ask for support and receive it graciously. You need the warmth of those who know and love you unconditionally more than ever.

If possible, and if it resonates, take a break from heavy dating, and from trying to immediately find the next big relationship or the one. A break to settle your emotions, mind, and perhaps your life, is often just what the doctor ordered.

Last but not least, ( and this may just be my foodie thing), eat a few comfort foods, but balance it with exercise or lots of veggies on the other side 🙂

Here’s to speedy healing and the next great phase of your life ahead!

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The KEY to attracting your Soulmate

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

People often ask me what they can do to speed things up and attract their soulmate faster. My first answer is, there’s a strong divine timing around these matters. Just like the development of an embryo into a

soulmate blog

baby, many factors have to come together in order for two souls to join in a Soulmate situation. When I say Soulmate here, I am talking about a romantic life partner. Yes we do have more than one, we have many soulmates, and not all are meant for a romantic connection with us. A friend once told me that she thought her dog was her soulmate. Now that I have my own I couldn’t agree more. However, within the sea of soulmates, a handful qualify to be our romantic counterpart. Once we have attracted a soulmate and solidified a healthy committed relationship with that person, now we become twin flames. You may have heard that term before or not. Twin flame is thrown out a lot and in very contradictory ways. As I asked my guide about the concept of twin flames, I received a lot of different information and experiences over the years. Deep within you is what you could call an etheric flame of pure light. It represents the best of you, the core of your love. When you enter a full, solid, soulmate relationship, your “flame” (a.k.a soul, spirit, heart, light) shines at its best and illumines not only your life but those of others. You do this best when supported by your equal counterpart, your soulmate. So twin flames are what you become together.

Now back to the task of how to speed up attracting your soulmate. While I mentioned much of the timing is up to the divine universe, which is in the midst of an intricate work behind the scenes to prepare and bring you two together, there is one thing you can and should do to help move it along. And in my experience this can speed up the finding of your soulmate. You have to make “the list”.

I learned about “the list” first from personal experience, and then I read about it in a book. Either way of learning is fine, although when you learn from experience it sinks in just that much deeper. Since making my list, I have met others who have made this list and many have succeeded in attracting their soulmates, some are still waiting with  positive anticipation as they trust the divine timing, knowing it’s inevitable.

My journey towards making my list began with a bang. That bang was the arrival of a new love interest in my email inbox. He had seen a picture of me on a social media website online -I know it must happen to everyone :), and began a flirtation. I ignored him at first, though he was plenty cute. It may have creeped me out a bit (red flag number 1), but he proceeded to write me more and more about himself and insist that we chat, talk on the phone, or Skype. Days of this continued and I, in my single status, thought what the heck and I gave it a shot. we spoke then we skyped. And there was a connection. I couldn’t deny it. Now let me interrupt by saying that up until this time, the sole item on my soulmate list was a spark, a strong connection. That is good but oh so insufficient! So as the weeks went by and (we’ll call him Mr. Y ), Mr. Y continued to pursue me with daily emails chats and skype, I began to open up to the idea of meeting him. Oh may I say he lived out of state, quite far from me, in a beautiful tourist friendly city that I’d always wanted to visit. He couldn’t travel much due to his rigorous work schedule so we decided that my adventurous self would come out from hiding and take a two week trip to see him, to see what there might be between us in person. I was getting ahead of myself because I really didn’t know him, but I wanted my Soulmate in my life so bad that I was nearly convinced this was it. Two days after i arrived in Mr. Y’s city, I began to notice one negative trait after another emerge from him. Not to say there weren’t the good things, but the negative traits were glaringly obvious. Over the course of the two weeks, we had become very distant, I was nearly regretting my entire trip (but for the beautiful scenery), and had created a list of qualities that I must experience in someone, and another list of qualities that I could not tolerate in a relationship. All thanks to Mr. Y. I now can thank him for being my teacher in writing my list from a very visceral place! Oh and I also reframed him as my “tour guide” to the beautiful city of Istanbul!

So, upon returning to my home, I discovered a book that detailed this very process I had just been through. The book is called Date or Soulmate, and is an excellent guide in not only writing a stellar list, but also in knowing whether someone is NOT your soulmate within the first two dates so no time is wasted. I must warn there is a bit of religious jargon in there as the book was written by the creator of E Harmony, but if you can just ignore that if it bothers you, the book is extremely insightful and worth a read.

Ariel Ford also details in her book The Soulmate Secret about making this list. Everyone describes it a bit differently but the basic premise is up to 10 things that you MUST have in your relationship, and up to 10 things you absolutely can’t tolerate. For example, for me a must have item is honesty. Trust is dependent on honesty. An intolerable on my list is drug addiction. I like to live a clean healthy lifestyle. Also it doesn’t have to be so generic, for one person their must have might be ‘must love to adopt a child’, and a can’t stand or intolerable quality might be ‘must not be a bad dancer’ . You get my jest.

The more fun you make these kind of manifestation processes, I believe the better results they yield. Setting a time and place where you feel comfortable, cozy, magical, writing with nice pens and markers, writing on good paper/stationary, perhaps burning a love candle during, and either placing the completed list on your alter, or some people believe burning it speeds up the process of drawing their Soulmate. Since I live in an apartment with a very sensitive smoke detector I have chosen not to burn mine.  But to each their own.

Once your love list is done, release your desire with a deep exhale, into the hands of the universe, and know that your guides and angels are working relentlessly to bring the two of you together one sweet day, not too far away.

Here’s to you, and finding your true love.


For more, connect with me on

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Prayer- the catalyst for miracles

Posted on Feb 07, 2014

“Prayer moves the hands that rule the world” -unknown


Have you ever desired something with all your heart, then released it, only to have it come into your life on its own, in an unexpected way? I believe a strong desire counts as a prayer. My own experience with prayer, like most things, began in childhood. At first it was only a distant, intellectual concept that seemed quite intimidating, until I made up my own childish way of praying. The culture I was raised in believed in a more formal prayer that was done five times per day in a language that was foreign to me. This type of prayer was introduced to me with an attitude of “you should…” rather than stemming from my own understanding or inspiration.

In the last blog I shared about my Angel encounter during a bombing episode when I was eight years old. Right around that time in my life, my family had begun to make efforts to escape the terror and violence of my birth-land and return to the United States, where I had lived as a toddler. It was not an easy task, and we had to leave separately. First, my mother went to resume her studies at a midwestern university and prepare a place for us. The following year my father and three year old sister left while I stayed behind with my aunt, counting the days and months until my father was due to fly back and get me. During this very difficult and lonely year, I was rarely able to speak with my parents on the phone. It was a different time and overseas phone calls were extremely difficult to maneuver where I lived. In addition, the government often blocked letters from America, so our contact was minimal. To top it off, some bratty kids at school had caught wind of the fact that my parents were overseas and I was living with my aunt. They would taunt me that if my parents really loved me, they would never have left me behind. I would also hear the adults around me whispering and gossiping about how my father would likely not want to take the risks inherent in returning to get me.

Though I had a heavy heart, one day I had an idea to create an evening prayer. I was sure that any God or Supreme Being could not ignore one year of nightly prayers. It was always the same prayer: Dear God, let my family in America be safe and well, and let my father return safely to take me there, and protect us in our travels, and let us all be together again very soon. I might have forgotten some details in retelling it now but this was the jest of it. I would say this prayer quietly in my mind, sometimes while I was nursing my post-supper tea in a room full of people. If someone spoke to me and interrupted my mental prayer, I would worry that it was broken and would start all over again. I admit this was a bit fearful and obsessive. Still, it would quell me and distract my mind from the many worrisome scenarios my overactive imagination would present at the thought of my future.

So did it work? Indeed, my prayer was answered, in a way that exceeded my expectations and surprised me. It was not in one full swoop, as we encountered obstacles on our journey back to the US . We had to make several stops in Europe to get our visa because our original plan of obtaining one in Amsterdam failed miserably. I remember the man who was assigned to us became enraged as soon as he opened our passports. His face turned red like a tomato and he exclaimed in a loud angry voice “I will never give a visa to anyone from this country!” and he slammed down the red stamp of denial on our passports. I couldn’t understand why this man hated us when he didn’t even know us, and I started to sob and beg and plead. My father and a few others walked me out gently. It was deeply discouraging and I nearly gave up my hope. But something told me to just keet praying. And then, I felt the power of those prayers come to our rescue two days later when a kind man appeared in the American Embassy in Brussels, took a special liking to my father and I, and gave us the stamp of approval we needed to return to America. In my young mind, that was the greatest miracle I had yet experienced. I hadn’t seen my mother in two years, and Brussels was our last chance for getting a visa; had we been denied we’d have to wait months before we could apply again. This experience convinced me that there was something to prayer, a simple request from the heart to a higher power who is benevolent and wants to help.

In the years since, I have studied prayer, have had far more experience with it, and thankfully witnessed many more answers and miracles both in my own life and in the lives of my clients, family, and friends. I have learned that a prayer of gratitude is as effective in making miracles happen as a prayer of request. I’ve learned that nothing is too big or too insignificant to pray about. I have learned that we can pray for those who can’t or won’t pray for themselves and see them receive answers and miracles, just as if they had asked for it on their own. I have learned that prayer always gets answered, but sometimes not in the way we expect.


Some of my favorite books about or including beautiful prayers:

The Prayer Diet by Matthew Anderson

Prayer: a Communion with Our Creator by Don Miguel Ruiz

Illuminata by Marianne Williamson



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Hearing the Angels

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

A question that I often get asked by clients is, “how did you first discover your spiritual gifts?”. This always brings me to my earliest memory of having an Angel encounter, when I was 8 years old. At the time I was living in a country that happened to be in the midst of a war, and nightly bombings near my neighborhood had become our norm. On this particular evening, I was huddled in the basement of my grandmother’s house with my father, younger sister, and extended family including my paternal grandparents and several uncles. We had crammed into the “safest” part of the house after hearing bomb sirens go off, and I could see the fear on the faces around me. Everyone was wondering the same thing, will we be one of the unlucky homes that get bombed tonight? Just as I started to feel panic swelling inside my chest, I suddenly felt a warm presence next to me, which I instinctively recognized as an Angelic being. With what I now know is my clairvoyant sight, I saw a faint yellow glowing light next to me, and heard a voice tell me something like “you are going to be okay, don’t worry. You are going to be safe from the bombs, and you are going to return to America safe and sound with your family.” At that moment I felt a deep peace wash over me, and as the months passed I saw the Angel’s prophecy come true in an amazing way. Perhaps that early experience allowed me to keep my intuitive channels open, and years later I was able to access them as a reader to give others’  messages from their angels in times of uncertainty and anguish to similarly comfort and guide them.

I believe we all have intuitive abilities and gifts. Like any ability, we can further develop our spiritual gifts, and we can also shut them down due to fear or negative experiences. For whatever reason, some of us have more access and some have less access to these seemingly unusual senses, but we all have them, just like we all are born with our five physical senses. As I have come to learn, our intuitive gifts express through five channels; there’s the gift of “sight”, or what is called clairvoyance. With this gift we can see into the spiritual realm, see beings such as Angels or departed loved ones, and receive visions of the future, also known as prophecies. When I see into the spiritual realm using this gift, it is not exactly the same as looking at a physical person or object, it’s more like what you see when you dream, there’s a transparency to the images, and the images can be larger or smaller than their actual size. To take the “woo woo” factor out of clairvoyance, if you have ever daydreamed, seeing scenes or that guy you’re crushing on in your mind’s eye, then you have had a similar experience to seeing clairvoyantly.

Another often used intuitive channel is that of clairaudience, with which we can hear Angels or otherworldly beings or even the voice of our higher self guiding us or giving us messages. This is what Joan of Arc experienced when she heard the ‘voices’ speaking to her. Once again, experiencing clairaudience isn’t always like hearing a live human voice. Often it feels like a loud thought that is clearly not our own . We know our own voice, our own way of speech etc. It’s quite obvious when a voice different than our own speaks. One reason I believe that our Angels, guides, and such do not speak in a more “audible” human voice is that would truly frighten and startle most people. Instead they put their voice into our mind to make it a more gentle experience.

The 3rd extrasensory channel, or “clair”, is called clairsentience, with which we can “feel” intuitive impressions or pick up others’ feelings and sensations. Sometimes we can even smell scents that are meaningful with this ability, such as orange blossoms signifying a wedding, the perfume or cologne of a loved one who is not with us, or the wonderful scent of angels. Yes the movie “Michael” wasn’t too far off, in it the angel played by John Travolta smelled like freshly baked cookies 🙂 In my experience, angels can smell like fresh spring blossoms, a truly heavenly scent!

These three are the “top 3”, there are two other clairs which I don’t really experience myself so I won’t write much about them, but they are called Claircognizance, and Clairgustance. Claircognizance is the ability to know a real fact, without having ever learned it. Clairgustance, which I only recently learned about, means to taste something without actually having the physical substance or liquid. Hmm perhaps I am experiencing clairgustance when I get insomnia some nights and lie in bed tasting chocolate eclairs and almond milk?

As time goes on, perhaps more clairs will be discovered. One last ability that we all have but which isn’t one of the ‘clairs’, is that of telepathy, the ability to communicate with others without using words or body language. Most of us have experienced this at one time or another with a spouse or family member, where we seem to read each other’s minds. Now if only we could do it at will!

To take a fun quiz which will tell you which of these 5 you are more adept at using, go to


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Login to your Spirit

Posted on Nov 22, 2013

When I think about the topic of spirituality, the single most important thing I have learned over the years is to cultivate a close intimate relationship with my Source. What exactly does that mean? I believe we all come from a spiritual source, and are born into this earthly human experience with our connection and awareness of our Source intact. That’s the reason babies are so blissfully happy. But over time, we experience many things that can gradually disconnect us from this natural connection, such as emotional and physical trauma, developing our rational left brain far more than our intuitive side, and the various distractions of daily survival.

One side effect of disconnection from our source is a dimming of our joy, happiness, and peace, and a lost awareness of the spirit realm. The good news is, we can re-0pen this connection just by our intention and some daily practice. I like to say that our daily effort to reconnect with our source is like logging into Facebook or chat: doing so opens the lines of communication with friends and gives us an awareness of their presence, even when we can’t see them with our physical eyes. Similarly, we can login to our spirit source and thereby enable interaction and communication to occur.

The “how” of logging into Source can vary for each person, and I believe the best method for each individual is found through exploration and perhaps some trial and error. For example, certain people prefer meditation, some prefer journaling or “morning pages”, and others find that channel of inner awareness and communication with a higher divine source opens through physical exercise.

I myself have a handful of methods that work for me and I alternate between them depending on how I feel each day. Some days I pray, some days I read spiritual books, and other days I journal. I am a big fan of “morning pages”, taught in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I also love to listen to guided meditations on my ipod while I sleep or read.


There are also times when a life event or unexpected circumstance can suddenly tune us into our source, where we have a mystical awareness that we are never alone, always accompanied, loved, and guided by a higher force, who is actually our own wiser Self. For me, my first time in Hawaii, immersed in the beauty of nature, really did the trick. For most people, newly falling in love brings on an ecstatic high, automatically connecting them with the divine. For artists, creative expression is a ladder to Source.

The point of reconnecting with our divine nature is to reduce or rid us of fear, which is the main thing that disempowers us in life, and instead re-unite with an unlimited source of love, guidance, and protection.  Thus, cultivating our relationship with our source plugs us in our own power center, which is essential to living a happy well-rounded and successful life in which we feel truly fulfilled.

So try taking a few minutes each day to do the things that connect you with your source. Converse with your Higher Self the way you’d check in multiple times a day with a beloved or best friend about any concern or need, and see how your life improves and expands!

Now you:

I would love to hear your comments about your favorite method of “logging in” to your source 🙂

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